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Red Bank Restorative Dentist


Dental fillings are routine procedures. If your dentist recommends a filling during an examination, you will be scheduled for a return visit to fix the problem. Fillings which may otherwise cause sensitivity during the procedure are performed using local anesthetic to insure that you are comfortable and pain-free. Your doctor will recommend the type of filling which is best suited to your problem, as we offer many different options, including esthetic tooth-colored composite restorations.


Crowns are protective, full-coverage fixed (not removable) dental restorations that encase and strengthen a tooth. If you have lost a significant amount of tooth structure due to old fillings, decay, and fractures, or need an existing crown replaced, your dentist may recommend a crown to maintain the longevity your tooth.


Bridges are connected crowns that act to replace a missing tooth or teeth to restore your ability to function properly or replace a missing esthetic tooth.

Implant Restoration

Implants are the fixed (not removable) replacement option that most closely mimics the feel and function of a natural tooth. Implants also help to maintain your bone levels and support for your existing teeth. After implant placement, a crown is custom fitted to your implant to create a functional unit closely resembling a natural tooth in appearance, feel, and function.