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TMJ & Bruxism Treatment in Red Bank

Night guards/Occlusal guards

Life can get stressful, and some of us can take things out on our teeth! If you clench or grind your teeth, patterns of wear become apparent as the opposing teeth begin to abrade each other. Continued wear of your teeth against each other may shorten your teeth, affect your bite, and cause discomfort or dissatisfaction with the appearance of your teeth. 
Your dentist can help protect your teeth from these negative changes by recommending and fabricating a “night guard,” also known as an “occlusal guard.” Far from a mouth guard, an occlusal guard is custom-made from thin but strong material to fit over your teeth in a streamlined, comfortable design that protects and preserves your teeth and your bite.

Mouth guards

If over the counter mouth guards are uncomfortable and hard to wear, your dentist can fabricate a custom mouth guard that is strong, durable, more comfortable, and easier to wear. Mouth guards are essential protection for anyone playing a contact sport! 

Snore Appliance

Many people suffer from disruptive snoring, much to their partner's dismay. Simple impressions can be used to fabricate a snore appliance that eliminates this habit. The appliance can also be used to treat minor sleep apnea cases.